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Beer ingredients

Thousands of different beers can be brewed with just four natural ingredients: Water Grain Hop Yeast Water Beer consists of more than 90% water. Pure water is therefore an important ingredient for brewing good beer. Many breweries purify the water that they use even more so that it always has the right, special composition. Depending […]

Why is my beer cloudy?

In the past, connoisseurs felt that cloudy beer was bad. You heard your draft beer get clear, sparkling and clean in your glass. But some styles are more likely to be cloudy, such as wheat beer, Weiss and Blanche, because of protein in your beer. That is part of the beer and is a natural […]

Grow your own hops in your back yard

Brewing beer not only provides fantastic traditional beer, but also a lot of satisfaction. It is a hobby that gets out of hand too easily and takes you completely into your own hands. Why not also grow your own hop plants and thereby brew your beer? All you need is a garden or a balcony […]

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